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SECRET SANTA @ cleodora!
Sign-ups open til 7th of November!

This is a thing that sounds fun!

In other fun news, I just booked an audition for My Fair Lady. I haven't auditioned for anything in 2 years, and it's been longer than that since I last did a musical. I considered auditioning for Eliza but I really don't think I have that good a grasp on the accents, so I'm just going for small roles/chorus. Eep!
Character: March Hare

So about that Doctor Who episode, eh?

[Lots of potential here...]
So, don't get me wrong, overall I think this was one of the best episodes of this series/season, but what with half of fandom having already theorised that Missy was a female version of the Master, it just would have been nice if that was just a thing that cropped up and was revealed in the finale, rather than being drawn out for 11 episodes and making us all ~guess.

It is an interesting precedent that they've set now. I mean, I know the Corsair was mentioned way back, but no one was really ever sure whether that was actually a thing or meant as a joke.

Also, if it had been the slightest bit in character for Clara, that scene in the volano would have been really awesome. I mean, I know she was grieving and sometimes people do stupid stuff when the grieving, but really? I don't know, I guess it doesn't help because a lot about the Clara/Danny relationship hasn't really rung true for me. It's supposed to be this big epic love story between them, but it never really felt like more than the fun, slighty awkward early stages of dating.

Seb was my favourite.

I figured out the skeletons = Cybermen thing moments before it was revealed. If I hadn't known there were cybermen showing up at some point, wouldn't have picked it but as it was. I really liked the idea of the Dark Water.

Oh! And that kiss! And that 12 literally went into some kind of shock over it. Kind of trumps my objection to unnecessary kissing between characters.

Okay, going to head off now because it's late and I have a computer screen-induced headache and should go to bed and get up early to continue NaNo-ing. Goodnight!
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NaNo help request

Just posted this on the NaNo Plot Doctoring forum, figured I might as well post here as well. If anyone can give any suggestions, much appreciated.

So figuring out antagonists seems to be an issue I have when nano-ing. In this year’s NaNo, inspired by the original Beauty and the Beast story, the witch is back and still using her own form of justice to teach people a lesson. Like she turned the prince into a beast to make him value things other than appearances, she is now turning a government official who is embezzling public funds into a beggar, dumps a bigoted one in a place where he is the outcast, and goes all poltergeist on a wealthy philanthropist who, in private, abuses his family to make him see what they are going through.

While everyone can sort of see where she’s coming from with these ones (once the bad stuff comes out about them), I need her to go off the rails and start dealing out bigger punishments for increasingly trivial offences. This will probably culminate in her killing someone over nothing towards the end.

This is where I run into problems, as I am drawing complete blanks on what else she might do and to whom, how her progression would go, and how my heroes might eventually defeat her. I don’t like the idea of her being killed, but being made to realise that it’s not really up to her to make these judgements she’s making. (While there is a character from the original BatB story running around, it’s set modern-day, so you know, actual legal systems and such).

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.
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Can I get some votes?

I need some advice. The story I'm thinking of using for NaNoWriMo, I have different possibilities for a setting. The basic plot is inspired by the fact that at the end of the original Beauty and the Beast story, the fairy that had turned the prince into a beast turned Beauty's vain and pretty awful sisters into statues so they would be forever cursed to watch Beauty's happiness while having none of their own. In my story, several centuries later, for some reason the curse breaks for one of the sisters, and other strange things are going on in the town where they live. But I'm trying to figure out exactly where they do live. The possibilities are thus:

Option A:

Modern-day France, which is what the thread on the Adopt A Plot forum suggested. The story was orignally French and I like the idea of it being set in provincial France, but the downside is that I've never visited there and it would take a lot of research to make it convincing. However, I was looking at a couple of castles that have been around since forever, and there are gaps in their histories where I could probably fit in the BatB story.

Option B:

In a modern-day made-up place with a provincial European feel to it. I could add my own twists to it. But modern-day fantasies are rarely set in made-up worlds and I'm not sure if it would work... however, modern-day fantasies are rarely set in made-up worlds, so that could be something that makes it unique.

Option C:

In a made-up place with a time period similar to that of my novel, A More Complicated Fairytale. i.e. definitely post-Industrial Revolution, but not by much. Things like trains and newspapers exist, but only just, and you'd still take a carriage if you were going by road. There would be less modernity for the MC to get used to, but it would still be very different for her.

Option D:

A place akin to Discworld, or certain steampunk worlds, that is not modern-day by our standards at all, but has its own equivalents of our technologies. This is pretty prevalent in Discworld, but another example is a steampunk book I read where the characters were essentially carrying a hard drive around, but it was explained in much more old-fashioned terms, and obviously it wasn't electronic or anything. I can't remember exactly how it worked, but that isn't the point. I hope this at least gives you an idea of what I mean.

Let's have a poll, shall we? Obviously, I might end up going in a completely different direction to what the results here indicate, but I would be interested to have your input.

Poll #1984015 NaNoWriMo setting

Which setting do you think I should use?

Option A
Option B
Option C
Option D

P.S. I wrote an interview with my MC and posted it at my writing blog, if you are interested.
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You guys, who's watching Forever? I only found out about it yesterday, and it already might be becoming one of my favourite shows.[more rambling]
First of all, Ioan Gruffudd back on my TV(/computer). Though I feel like Henry's character isn't quite cemented yet. Or maybe it's just that Sherlocky moments feel strange when the person doing/having them isn't a jerk. Also, it's Ioan Gruffudd, and his origin story was on a ship 200 years ago. :D

I like that Detective Martinez shares the pain of losing a lover, and that they have that shared experience and that that hopefully means the show isn't going to leap into a romance straight away (though for Henry it's been decades, so I guess he could have some romance any time now).

Speaking of which, tragic WW2 romance! And I love how Abraham came into their lives, and that Henry still sort of treats him like a son, even though he looks older.

Guy on the phone was creeepy! Intriguing set up, though! Who's the 2000-year-old guy?

Anyways, I really need to go to bed as time has gotten away from me. Catch you later!
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The shows are back!

So I have a sort of a plan for fall shows. If I watch no more than seven, I can watch one each night of the week, not feel overwhelmed, and keep up with everyone. Whether or not this will work and I can have time for other things as well as shows remains to be seen. So far that consists of Doctor Who, Sleepy Hollow, Constantine, Gallivant, Selfie, and Gotham. I was just looking up other shows and saw Forever, which sounds intriguing and also has Ioan Gruffudd in it, which is a definite plus. And I'll probably watch Agent Carter as well.
Anyway, I've watched a couple:

[Selfie: 1x01]
I'm so glad this improved once Eliza had her epiphany because I was really worried. And I really wanted to like something that had both Karen Gillan and John Cho in it. Anything that starts with a vomit gag immediately puts me off, but I did enjoy Eliza's development over the course of the episode and I look forward to seeing how it goes. And Henry is adorable. He wears bowties! I'm not generally good at sticking to sitcoms, but we'll see how this goes.

[Sleepy Hollow 2x01]
Wasn't the most amazing episode. I guess was only ever watching the show for the Ichabod vs. the 21st Century moments, and there wasn't much of that in this one, apart from the birthday party and not being able to reverse the car. I'm still getting used to John Noble being a bad guy. Even when he was Walternate in Fringe, you could still see his point of view and why he was doing things the way he was... Henry's just... The Horseman of War. Doesn't really need much more of a motivation than that. Also I watched this straight after Selfie and I had totally forgotten John Cho was in it, too. So that was fun.

[Gotham 1x01]
I honestly didn't think I would actually enjoy this, but I really did! I like the arcs they've set up, and tiny Bruce Wayne is fantastic. For some reason (I think it was his voice) I kept comparing him to Henry from OuaT and he's SO MUCH BETTER at acting than Jared Gilmore. And Sean Pertwee as Alfred! (Jon Pertwee was my first Doctor, so soft spot for any connection there). So yeah, looking forward to more of this!
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Stuff and things

So, since I've been rather lax at my positivity thing, some positive things from the last week:

  1. My car loan was approved!

  2. The really amazing, talented, beautiful soprano who is playing one of the roles in our next choir production told me more than once at last week's rehearsal how good my voice was sounding. I maybe swooned a little.

  3. I got 100% on the test after First Aid Refresher training in the first go.

  4. Emma Watson's speech to the UN

  5. A fridge stocked with stuff from the local farmer's market

  6. Lifeline bookfair! Though I actually only ended up buying myself a copy of Mary Poppins for $3.Which is in itself a positive because I usually spend around $50 when I go and I had neither the money nor the room this time.

  7. So I thought I had hit the monthly cap on my bus ticket today, and that I could therefore splurge on chocolate with the change in my wallet... realised upon getting off the bus this afternoon that this wasn't the case, and had exactly $10 in various bits of shrapnel to top it up. Now I'll get through til payday without having to raid my money box.

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